Free-Spirits, The Book


This book is about knowing your self as a free spirit and accepting it. Knowing who you are and knowing that it’s okay to be YOU. Understanding that your not losing your mind and that what everyone has told you thus far, It’s not you!…Err!..Well, it is you….But, it’s okay to be..YOU!

I wrote this book because, after doing a lot of research, I found that there are close to “Zero” books on this subject. In fact, most of the ones that are out there, simply touch on the subject and do not really delve into the meaning behind being a “Free spirited” person. Why are we so different? Why don’t people accept us for who we are? Why are we always changing to suit other people? And, why can’t we sustain a relationship with our partners, family members and just plain anyone, that doesn’t understand us?

That’s what enticed me to share this information with others just like me. I felt it was necessary to share my beliefs and experiences. For, i know i have always felt very alone in who i am. I never knew until recently that this is my “Problem”. “As some people from my past have put it to me”. But, i always knew that there was something about me, that, I was different than others. I just could not put my finger on it. Until one day i read my horoscope. It told me exactly who i was and made me see “The light”. And, at that very moment, I started doing further research into why i was so Aloof. And why i could not sustain a relationship with most men. Why I got bored with men and the relationship, just 2 or 3 months into it. I figured it was something that had to do with my upbringing. That in some way, my mother made me this way. And that part of who i am, was due to an anger issue i was having.

In fact, I was convinced by my boyfriend at the time. That it was, in fact, an anger issue. And that i needed to seek out therapy and talk to someone about it. It wasn’t until after we broke up for the last and final (50 millionth) time. That i began on a “journey of discovery” you might say!..And what i figured out was that It’s okay to be a “Free Spirit”. And it’s okay to be who i am and no one else but me…For, i truly believe now that i was settling for that relationship and not trying to find someone that would accept me for who i was. I yearned to find someone out there that was just like me. Or, at least one who could accept a person like me. Because as i figured out along the way, throughout my life. Not many men can!….

Each and every one of us has a personality in this life. Not every personality gets along with everyone else. Not every personality see’s eye to eye on everything. And then, you have the “Free Spirited” personality. And they don’t get along with most everyone. And why exactly is that?…Is it because mentally and physically, we live outside the box?..Or, that we won’t conform to societies norms?…Or, is it that we are just having too good of a time, with ourselves?…I tend to believe them all. Especially the last one!!

I think as a “Free spirited” person, myself. I don’t sweat the small stuff. Like, why does it matter that people dress a certain way? Or, why people are a certain way?. I think i just take people how they come. If your the type of person who lives within the society norms. Then, okay..That’s the lifestyle you decide to live. If you like cross dressing, or you are gay or homosexual?. Then, that’s okay too. I believe that “Free spirited” people don’t choose their friends based on “Who they are”, “Where they come from”, Or “What clothes they are wearing”. Or, whether or not they’ve been in prison. For you see, “free spirited” people don’t have many friends, if any at all!!…So, we welcome everyone!..Or, no one at all.

However, we do take some precautions on the “Prison” one!

We see things more in “Black and White”. We are not the kind of people who discriminate. For, we believe that all people should be free from Hate, Discrimination, Injustice, Unfairness, Partiality and especially to those who want to bear false witness. We are truth seeking people. We have a destiny of truthfulness that we must conquer. We must find that higher power of truth. Things that others see, we do not see them in the same manner. We tend to be a speculative breed of individuals, living in the moment. And waiting for someone to show us what’s behind that “Speculative Curtain”. Like for instance, Is there something out there, higher and more powerful, than us?

This book will take you on a powerful and enlightening journey into the psyche of not only the mind of a “Freethinker”.  But, of my own personal adventure from birth to adulthood and throughout my life. And, in my relationships, my career, my children, and most importantly..Myself!

I hope that this book helps you, as much as it has helped me, in writing it!

Thank you,

Kelly Morgan, Author